Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever someone talks about buying or selling a house, our mind goes to realtors and listings over the internet. That’s the normal way of selling a house, and it is something that we’ve grown accustomed to as we heard about transactions happening this way from family and friends. However, when it comes to selling to a company like Belle Sol Properties, a lot of folks are actually unaware that this is an option. So, when you read about what we do, you’re bound to have many questions. So, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get. 

This is a great question that we’re asked all the time. Belle Sole is not a middleman of any kind. We’re not helping you sell your house to someone else. We’re just buying it straight from you. Your house won’t be listed on any MLS listings. Some of our employees are working as licensed agents in Florida. However, they won’t put your house up for sale. Your house will be put on sale long after we’ve already made the cash payment to you in full. 

Absolutely not! You are, in no way, obligated to accept our cash offer. This is just a price quote that we’re giving to you after we take a look at your house. This cash offer can also be given to you over a call based on photos of your house, but that varies from client to client. Our cash offers are highly reasonable, and they’re some of the best you’re going to find in the market. But, if you don’t want to accept it, there’s no contract penalizing you. We don’t even charge you for our services. Money won’t be involved until the cash offer is accepted. 

Yes, our prices are one of the best in Florida. We’re a profitable company, but our profits are only as minimum as they can be. We’re trying to put as much money as we can in your pocket. However, it’s still a possibility that some other company might give you a higher cash offer. If that happens, Belle Sol Properties will happily indulge in a good ol’ bidding war. Tell us what our competitors are offering, and we’d be more than happy to outbid them. 

That’s a perfectly reasonable question, and it’s one that lots of people ask. We’re buying properties that aren’t necessarily in good condition. How do we plan to make profits when the product we’re purchasing is faulty. The answer is pretty easy. We repair it! Every piece of property the company purchases goes through a ton of repairs to get it up to standards that a buyer in the market hopes to. We also pay attention to all the other houses in your neighborhood and try to make enough repairs so that the curb appeal of your old house matches that of the ones around it. However, to make a profit on each sale, we’re making some money from the pool before we send you a cash offer. But, our profits are minimal, and we’re still focusing on helping you make the most money off the sale. 

This is a great question. We’re making a cash offer, and we’ve repeatedly said how it’s the best you’re going to get in Florida. But, how do we come up with a number? Let’s talk about that. 

Every property that we purchase has a specific After Repair Value (ARV). As you can probably understand from the term, it means what your property will cost after all the repairs have been completed. This number is drawn up based on similar neighboring properties. Once we have that number, we subtract repair costs, service costs, and our profits from that number. The final number that we get is the cash offer we hand over to you. 

This is a question that people are asking all the time. Real estate agents are our number competitors. However, we’re not going to discourage you from using those services. They’re great for a very specific set of people. However, there are three main reasons why Belle Sol is better than a real estate agent. The first factor is time. The average house takes 6-12 months to sell when placed in the hands of a real estate agent. That’s a significant amount of time. Secondly, a real estate agent charges you a percentage of the total amount of the transaction. On average, an agent charge 3% of each transaction. If a house is sold for $200,000, the agent’s fee will be $6,000. Thirdly, a house sold through a real estate agent has to be in impeccable condition. You have to make several repairs to make everything perfect. The buyer that comes and looks at your house isn’t going to want any kinds of delays. 

When it comes to Belle Sol, we’re leaps and bounds superior to real estate agents in these factors. When you give us a call, you’ll receive a cash offer within 48 hours. If you accept the offer, you’ll get a stack of cash for your house in less than a month. When it comes to realtor fees, there are none! You’re not paying a dime more than you have to in the form of services. The only money that goes into our pockets is the profit that we tell you about beforehand. Finally, you don’t need to make repairs to your place to sell it to us. Yes, making repairs will allow us to pay a higher price for it. However, that is completely optional. We buy your house even if it has a couple of walls caved in. 

The average house requires a ton of paperwork to sell. There are prelim documents, disclosure, inspection reports, transfer disclosure statements, professional appraisal, maintenance records, capital improvement receipts, utility bills, and so much more stuff. It’s extremely overwhelming for you to collect all this paperwork, especially since a lot of it has to be issued by nearby governing bodies. This adds several to the overall duration of the sale even after you’ve found an interested buyer. So, to keep you safe and sound from all this extensive paperwork, we’ve created a process that barely requires any of it. We don’t need your house’s history since we don’t care much about the condition and simply want to buy it as it is. So, we’ll only require your signature on a few transactional documents, like a deed statement. The documents that we need you to fill are there simply because Florida law demands it. 

Absolutely not! When it comes to buying and selling houses, there are a lot of third parties involved, such as home inspectors. Such parties slow down the transaction a lot. So, we don’t bother with them at all! The only third party involved in our service is a title company that verifies whether or not you’re actually allowed to sell the property. Once the title company gives us the green light, there won’t be a third individual involved in the proceedings. 

No, we do not. When you get in touch with Belle Sol, we’ll ask for extensive details about the property. We have a list of boilerplate questions that help us get a feel for the house you’re selling. The extra cherry on top is the pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that is definitely true when it comes to our business. If you can provide a sufficient number of images that give us an ample amount of information about your house, we’ll make the cash offer directly on a call. 

Once you accept the cash offer, the first order of business is to finalize a closing date. This is the date when the transaction is completed. We expect that you’ll vacate the premises before this date. However, if you’re facing some delays and want a few extra days, we can allow that. However, do make sure to notify the company beforehand so we can make the appropriate arrangements beforehand.